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Quick And Easy Kitchen Workout

Posted on Jul 14th 2010 1:00PM by Denise Austin

Many times, life and our busy schedules get in the way of our exercise routines. But even if you don't have time for the gym or a dedicated half-hour workout, there are lots of ways to squeeze in exercise while multitasking. Enter my quick and easy kitchen workout.

The best part about these kitchen-based moves are that you can fit them into your schedule while doing other things. They can help to burn extra calories by simply adding toning exercises to everyday life. My favorite kitchen move is the one for chest and shoulders, countertop push-aways. It's a push up against the sink or kitchen counter. Women don't realize that the push away really works chest and arms.

These seven exercises will burn up extra calories and firm your muscles. The great thing about your muscles is that they don't care where you are or where you work out! We spend a lot of time in kitchen, three meals, a lot of time that you could turn kitchen time into toning time. It's important to move your muscles wherever you are and whenever you can. In this case, you can do all of these moves while standing at the kitchen sink. You don't need equipment or workout gear. Also, while you may need 20 minutes of cardio or aerobics daily, toning and stretching is totally different and can be done at one-minute intervals throughout the day as a way to firm up muscles.

Here, the moves for my quick and easy kitchen workout:

1. Sink 'n' Squat
Stand about an arm-length away from the sink with your feet shoulder-width apart. Squat and hold for five seconds.

Hilmar Meyer-Bosse / Denise's Daily Dozen

2. Leg and Butt Lift
While standing at the sink washing dishes or scrubbing veggies, lift your right leg behind you and pulse it up and down. Switch legs and repeat.

Hilmar Meyer-Bosse / Denise's Daily Dozen
3. Saddlebag Slimmers
Stand with your left side to the counter and place your left hand on it. Lift your right leg out to the side about a foot off the ground and pulse. Turn so that your right side faces the counter, then switch legs and repeat.

4. Inner-Thigh Toner
Stand with your left side to the counter and place your hand on it. Lift your right leg off the floor and bring it across the front of your body toward the left side. Pulse. Switch sides and repeat.

Hilmar Meyer-Bosse / Denise's Daily Dozen
5. Countertop Push-Aways
I do these while waiting for my toast to pop up! First, place your hands on the counter a little wider than shoulder-width and step a few feet away with your legs. Bend your elbows, bringing your chest toward the countertop, then push back up to the start position.

Hilmar Meyer-Bosse / Denise's Daily Dozen
6. Down Dog
Stand about an arms-lengths away from a countertop. Place your hands on the counter, bend forward at the waist so your body forms a ninety-degree angle, and keep your back straight.

Hilmar Meyer-Bosse / Denise's Daily Dozen

7. Leg Stretch
Place your leg straight on a countertop. Keeping your back straight, lean forward and reach for your toes.

Hilmar Meyer-Bosse / Denise's Daily Dozen

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